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Fallout 76 celebrates the day the world goes down, with gifts - that s behind it

Today is the day when the world will end. is vonFallout 76. At least in the story for Fallout only the beginning but which - because what would the crazy game series if they would not celebrate the worst day in history? And for players there for even gifts.

What is this day? On October 23, 2077 (Eastern Standard Time) drop atomic bombs on the US and China, thus destroying large parts of the earth. After a prolonged skirmish between the two major powers in the alternate world, there comes that day finally to bang. It is the Bombs Drop Day.

What is the worst possible situation for the people with security, today announced the start of the Fallout franchise is. On this day the foundation is set for one of the most popular game franchises ever.

Because the bombs and the contaminated wasteland are the reason why there is the Fallout at all - and why Vault Dweller, couriers and desert residents still controlled by many players, explore the Wasteland.

Fallout and Fallout would not be if it were not for a little celebration for that day - including gifts for all. But why all this about? MeinMMO explained to you the Bombs Drop Day .

The world will be destroyed so that fallout can exist

This is the background: Communist China and the capitalist United States are for a while at war. There are minor skirmishes, espionage and a lot of saber rattling. On the morning of October 23, 2077 is it then to bang.

The sirens sound in the US and shortly thereafter explosions shake the United States and China. Then it s quiet, just 2 hours later it s all over. Both countries have been destroyed, destroyed cities and nearly wiped out all the people.

Only the few souls who were able to flee to the (supposedly) secure vaults survived - and a few who were lucky and survived outside shelters the explosions and radiation. However, many wearing burns them or mutate. Flora and fauna have changed for good.

The few people who survived, are now trying to rebuild their country. Or they plunder what has not been destroyed, according to the law of the strongest.

New Order from the ashes

What is the story of Fallout? Governments are apparently wiped out and people are making new orders. bring these new rules but also produces a whole new beat people.

Some come together as Raider and dominate the transition parts of the new world. Former military are the order of the Brotherhood of Steel, a chivalrous association that wants to preserve the knowledge of the ancient world.

However, most people just want to go on living. There are established new communities, survivors gather together and settle the wasteland new. They learn the new creatures to control and grow the modified plants.

As 76 fits in there Fallout Fallout 76 plays in time before any other Fallout parts: 25 years after the fall of the bombs. Vault 76 is one of the first to open on schedule and the residents - it - are all selected experts to build the US again.

With the setting you have the chance, the beginnings of the series to explore. In particular, the legendary Brotherhood of Steel is just about to become the power that you know from later parts such as Fallout 4th

A summary of the whole story we have published on MeinMMO for you:

New content and Gifts in Fallout 76

This is happening in Fallout 76: In the story you may currently experience how the Brotherhood of Steel is developing. There were some internal problems recently, but Steel with the summer update rule was initially completed the story.

The latest update with the name The worlds are changing brought more opportunities to play Fallout 76 - as even the developers do not yet know. The focus is primarily on gameplay content. More later story follows.

There is also support since October 19 as part of the Bombs Drop Day some events and gifts for the players.

More Fallout 76 MeinMMO:

Fallout 76 after two years finally a full-fledged MMORPG Players in Fallout 76 just adore a pipe idolatrous Fallout 76 Personality Quiz: Which mythical monster are you?

? What gifts are available To celebrate the day on which the bombs were falling, there are 76 Fallout some bonuses for active and new players:

From 19 to 25 October, Fallout 76 is completely free on PlayStation, Xbox and PC At the same time, atoms for cosmetics in the real money shop are recent Until 26th of October there is also 75% discount on the purchase of the game The exchange of legendary objects grants double legendary Legendary items at the dealer cost 50% less bills

In addition, the Halloween event of the creepy burnt still runs until November 2nd. Particularly disguised burned can be facilitated for their sweets - with only a very little little weapons. There is also on Twitch Drops for special skins. You read more in the official fallout blog.

How does it continue? In winter, Season 7 and the next big update stories from afar on. With this, it should be possible about to change the color of the PIP Boy or to share legendary prey.

VNG's Fallout Extravaganza/10,000 Subscriber 24 Hour Stream! In addition, the Mothenmann will play a major role, one of the many myths from the world of Fallout 76. Ideal for those who want to be interested in the background of Appalachia and West Virginia or exploring local saying.

Fallout 76 has developed strongly since its release in November 2018. The game has recovered from his bumpy start and the development team has always worked on to improve content. On Meinmmo it is one of the best survival games for PC, PlayStation and Xbox:

The best survival games 2021 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC


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