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LOL: An Ekko rises two levels in a few seconds thanks to this play

We do not know exactly how many people are currently playing a game of League of Legends, but surely there is a huge number of people struggling to get to gold. Many are the jungles that crave the victory of their team Above the rest and make chariots in their games that neither the Mountain of Game of Thrones, so they are always attentive to be able to invade the rival jungle. However, it is necessary to know that what is the level gap of our rival to make an ambush if we do not want to bind it. It has already happened to all that a Jarvan IV or Lee without, many times in this position, they will commit suicide in front of an Olaf that has one or even two more levels. This time, an Ekko found the solution to gain advantage over his rival, and even if it is difficult to get is quite effective.

2 levels in just 6 seconds

In the jungle, the only way to gain experience is leading you ahead of golems, wolves or pads as long as your team decides you will charge you a small fee for taking a subjector of your line. However another easy way to level up is killing champions. This was the final election of the user thegodofcarnage in Reddit, who achieved two levels in 3 easy steps:

  1. He addressed lower lane enemy, which was in poor condition (level 5, 3/4); By then, we could all see how the carnage approached.
  2. Take your level 6 by killing some minions, although we believe that the shooter did not care.
  3. Decide to use the definitive of him to finish with Twisted Fate, Senna and Tristana that were joke and prepared to die.

5 Quick Tips to Climb Ranked: Ekko 6 seconds and 3 deaths later, Ekko achieved the feat of uploading 2 levels at a record time. Ultimately, this ambush was not in vain for him, since instead of gaining experience in his camp, he was offered a true free buffet with victory flavor. So few tips for all jungles, the AFK FARMING is not mandatory to gain advantage in a game.


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