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Reverse trial objection! Challenge online hearing and challenge online hearing in the court fixed text 81]

A judge is a person that presides over court procedures, either alone or as a part of a panel of courts. A judge listens to all the witnesses as well as any type of various other evidence offered by the barristers or solicitors of the case, assesses the integrity and debates of the parties, and after that issues a ruling in the event based on their analysis of the law and their very own personal judgment. A judge is expected to perform the trial impartially and also, typically, in an open court. The powers, functions, approach of visit, discipline, and training of courts vary extensively throughout various jurisdictions. In some territories, the judge s powers might be shown a jury. In inquisitorial systems of criminal investigation, a judge may additionally be an examining magistrate. The administering judge makes sure that all court procedures are authorized as well as orderly.

The Overseas Version of Reverse Trial is the America, and Ms. Ms. is also localized with various small items, such as becoming a burger from mischievous ramen. In the first second episode, there is a Gatewater Hotel where the stage is the stage, but it is eavesdropping that is the key to this case. If you are an eavesdropping in the gate water, the Watergate Case that everyone knows is from Americans. It is not necessary to add a subtitle, and the scent of supense is drifting.

Practice question answer

Don t you think about guilty or innovative in the Reverse Trial trial? NOT GUILTY and InnoCent [English pickled in the game 80]

In Japan, in principle, recording recordings are prohibited, so many people in trial are only those who have never seen fiction works. In reality, there is a mechanism to disclose evidence to each other on the prosecutor and the defense side in advance, so there is almost no legal battle that throws a hidden ball of evidence and heats up. Although the defendant and witnesses are very rare and ranal, basically we will proceed with confirmation and discussions with the question.

In the United States, the state of trial can be released in a video, and the trial of serious incident is newly relayed by news. Most are published on the video site, and anyone in a court that is rarely found in Japan can be viewed. Although the reverse trial is an Oita Over Expression, the flow of trials based on testimony and evidence remains mostly, so if you know English exchange in this work, the truth of the incident as reported in Japan You can see yourself directly.


Court Is Now In Session for the Trial of MS. Maya Fey.


THE Prosecution is Ready, Your Honor.


The Defense is Ready, Your Honor.


MR. Edgeworth, Please Give The Court Your Opening Statement.

Court length:

I Tried Working As A Judge ...but I Just Sent EVERYONE to Jail From now on, the court will enter the court of Ayami Masatachi.

Ogen: Preview side, ready is complete.

Sengeo hall: The defense side is ready.

Court length: Please set up your elder and first statement.

The trial progresses by the declaration of judge, so the formatted interaction is seen everywhere. Here we want to pay attention to Court and Your Honor . The word Court has the meaning of the court and the court, but after this, The Court will also appear. If you have a capitalization, District Court , a district court as a proper noun, and here does not have the THE article. Because of the nature of the location, it is used as a very close to the Court of the general noun and Court , which is very close to the court, but let s distinguish it with the different articles and capital letters.

Your Honor is a respect to a judge who is an honor. As with Your Majesty and Your Highness to the royalty, it is always capitalized if the character occurs.


The Prosecution Calls The Chief Officer at the Scene, Detective Gumshoe!

Witness, Please State Your Name and Profession to the Court.

Ogen: The prosecutors summons the field of field. Yaro saw police department! Witnesses, name and profession.


You Immediately Arrested MS. Maya Fey, Who Was Found at the Scene, Correct?

CAN You Tell Me Why?





Ogen: I arrested Ayamura Masataki in the field on the spot, right? (Omitted) What is the reason?

Thread saw Hey! Because she had a certain evidence that she was her work!

Court length: Please testify about that definite evidence .


Your Honor, I Submit This Report to the Court.


U-UNDERSTAND. The Court Accepts The Evidence.

Ogen: Primary, this report will be submitted as evidence.

Court length: Wow, I understand. Accept evidence.

Evidence and testimony will be regarded as important in American trials, but this is to deliberate only those who were submitted by the court. Witnesses will be oath before the testimony, to prevent a lie testimony.

I Swear by Almighty God THE EVIDENCE I Shall Give To The Court and Jury Shall Be The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing Buttruth.

Place your hand to believe in the Bible or your own and swear to God that the testimony is only true. It is an important procedure because it is an act I want to lie under the name of God.


Very Well, You May Begin Your Cross-EXAMINATION!

Court length: Yes, please start the opposite interrogation.

When the inspection side interrogation is complete, Cross-Examination by the defense side is performed. If there is a mistake in the explanation of the prosecution, there is no room for unimportant circumstances and the amount of information, and we will stick to doubt from the standpoint of the defendant.


Objection! Your Honor, this is IRRelEVANT!


Objection Overrulled. The Witness Will Answer The Question.

Ogen: Objection! Judge, it is irrelevant to this matter!

Court length: Defense. Witnesses should answer questions.

In order to reduce the credibility of the testimony, the prosecutors are also the prosecutors and the defense side to pull out the bad surfaces of the witness. Conversely, if you admit objection, objection sustained.


The Court Acknowledged THE DEFENSE s Argument.

I Expect The Prosecution and Defense To Look Into This Matter Fully!

AM I Understood?




THAT IS ALL TODAY for the Trial of Maya Fey.

Court is adjourned!

Court length: Anti assert the argier claim. In the prosecutor s side, the defense side, both to conduct a sufficient survey! Is it okay?

Ogen: Juo ... Yes, the judge.

Court length: This is the end of the court of Today s Masatachi. At this time, the court!

The trial is advanced while repeated guilty guilty of the prosecutor and the opposite interrogation of the defense side, and eventually the jury and the judgment of the judge and the judge in Japan. If the demonstration is perfect, it is often not in the situation where doubts are not wiped. Therefore, it is very important whether the jury becomes an ally or an enemy because it is a good or bad condition of the confidentiality.

Practice: Let s look at the actual trial image.

This video is the trial of the killing case of George Floyd, who became the beginning of the BLM exercise. We will start relay in court from around 2:20:00. TESTIFY , Cross-Examination , Your Honor , etc. will hear a lot of words introduced this time, so let s say roughly what you are talking about.



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