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Star Citizen players in safe areas can overdexate others with healing medications

Imperium is a Latin term (Imperĭum) that translates as domain and whose modern meaning is public power. In ancient Rome meant the power of command and punishment, of a military nature, of the ruler on citizens called on war and dominion over the conquered territories. There is no exact translation into Spanish, given that the modern political system of division of powers differs from the ancient Roman, but it is similar to the concept of sovereignty .

Star Citizen, a game developed by Cloud Imperium, seems to be an eternal work-in-progress. The game test server has just received its latest update, and some players have discovered a new way to use their newly added healing pistols. From now on, Star Citizen players can administer drug overdoses to mistrust players, make them lose consciousness, then steal all the objects they have in their inventory, all in an area that prohibits PVP fights.

Whenever Star Citizen players hang out in the bases, they are technically safe. They can simply stay up and play with their inventory. After all, these areas prohibit the player fight against player. Heal others, however, is not considered an act of aggression.

After the deployment of Star Citizen update 3.15, players can now heal other players without their consent. In most games, this will not be considered a problem, but in Star Citizen, this new feature has allowed the players to overdege others with healing medications. After the misunderstanding players received a high dose of drugs, they fall on the ground and will be struck with disabilities. The players who have committed the act can drag them and even steal their inventory, leaving the victims lying on the floor in underwear.

In The Studio | Cloud Imperium - Star Citizen

Many serious players from Star Citizen are not very satisfied with the surdosing situation, especially since they can easily be stunning while they are gaining access to the ships they have moored. Once these huge doses of healing drugs strike them, they become unable to run or defend themselves against their stubborn opponents during a brief period of time.

Since all this happens within the Star Citizen test server, it is very likely that the mechanisms are modified once the game finally launched. Many players from Star Citizen think that the best way to solve this hilarious problem is to make the consent to be treated in the game mandatory.

What do you think of this overdose function? Let us know in the comments below.

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