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A player in Wow

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A player into Classic paid in a GDP raid 600,000 gold for the rare mount Al AR ash, which corresponds to the equivalent of €9,570. How and why, we explain by Mango you here.

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As the huge sum come about? In WoW Classic it is legally not possible for real money just to buy gold. The WoW brands, as they are known otherwise from WoW, does not exist in Classic.

However, gold is traded on the black market and like to buy pirated and sold. Depending on the server prices fluctuate — this is about the US server White mane. There you would pay for 600,000 gold €9.570.

If one were to farm gold and play 14 hours a day, so it would take about 155 days to have the gold, like a fan on Reddit figured. A huge amount, but what you are made of gold?

What is this mount? With Burning Crusade Classic is the MMORPG WoW Classic in the next era. In The Burning Crusade, the current add-on in WoW Classic, and the instance fortress was added to the storms in Nether storm Outland.

In this instance you can, you get the phoenix-like Mount Al AR ashes. This is still one of the most coveted items from World of Warcraft. It properly drops with a tiny probability of 2% for the Boss Karl this Subscriber.

For many players, the phoenix is ​​a kind of holy grail of mounts. Even in normal World of Warcraft only 31% of the players in the last 14 years could get the bird in WoW Classic still significantly less (via

The famous WoW streamer Mongol farm for 2 years for the Mount and showed real pleasure when he finally got it. In this video you can see in the game, the Mount:

How did the players on the Mount? The buyer of the Mounts took part in a so-called GDP raid and offered the incredible sum of 600,000 gold on the winged steed, which eventually became his possession.

The other participants of the raid so can look forward to a decent sum of gold, the raid was worth it for everyone.

GDP — How does it work?

What s GDP? In World of Warcraft there are many ways to distribute the loot in instances fair or less fair. The principle of DKP, that Dragon Kill Points has prevailed in some guilds, as it requires little organization.

For every boss kill, are present at the players, they get a certain amount of points (DKP). The points can then bid on an item that falls in the raid. This is done either in group chat or whisper messages to the raid leader. The one who makes the highest bid gets the item.

In GDP it works the same, only that it is expedient with gold, not with dragon kill points.

What the team has it? The collected gold of goods sold is split at the end of all the players, and it is common for raid leader and tanks grab some more gold. In some cases, may even be incurred for the guild bank a fee.

In the specific case of Al AR ashes, so each player should be about 25,000 gold have taken home, representing a value of EUR €398.75 on the black market.

HUGE BLACK LOTUS DISCOVERY in Classic WoW Season of Mastery So you could say that each of the participants had some long-awaited drop and even if they could not get hold of the bird, came with a grin from the Tempest.

What do you think? Do you see a problem in the enormous sums? Or is it justified to spend so much money for a single mount? Do you think the player has all the gold tedious Erfurt or rather buy? Writes us like in the comments here at Mango.

Curious stories about rare mounts are available in WoW Classic way, not for the first time: WoW Classic starts new event, but forgets one of the rarest mounts it.


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