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Developer says one of the biggest problems of Battlefield 2042 is already being processed

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Since then Battlefield 2042 is playable in the Early Access, there were many discussions about a frustrating problem: the assault rifles in the game are far too weak. Now the senior game designer has promised from DICE to Twitter improvements.

What is the problem? Some weapons of Battlefield 2042 are very imprecise. Especially the assault rifles have much more scattering at the first shot than still in the beta or in any other battlefield.

This coated scattering is intended. It should prevent in particular assault rifles on distance to precise. Some players suspect that this mechanism was introduced in response to beta feedback. There, players found the available assault rifles too much at a distance when shot with a short bumper.

This mechanics is called Bloom. Just because the maps in Battlefield 2042 are so big and spacious, but you shoot a lot away from distant opponents. Thanks to the bloom, assault rifles in these situations are unusable. So the assault rifle users are very frustrating death in Battlefield 2042.

Senior game designer promises improvement

What happened? Players are very frustrated by this mechanics. On Twitter, Battlefield player @ Engoa97 has complained about this problem. This tweet was directed directly to a three-to-twitter developer:

The weapons have just too much scattering. I want the shots to land there, where I go. I would love to know which design decisions were made here... How do the developers react? The mentioned developer is the conductive game designer of Dice, Florian Le Behan. He has seen and reacted this tweet. That s how his answer looked like:

We already look at the weapons and plan a few changes regarding the scattering. But I can not tell a date or specific changes yet.

Developer also speaks similar problems in Battlefield Portal

What is the problem? Also on Twitter Florian Le Behan was addressed to a similar problem in Battlefield Portal: the weapons from Battlefield: Bad Company 2 would have a lot of scattering.

All 77 weapons in Battlefield Portal come from three older games of the Battlefield series, namely:

Battlefield 3 Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Battlefield 1942

These weapons should all be implemented so that they work exactly as in these battlefield classics. But fans have quickly noticed that the weapons from Bad Company 2 do not behave as they are used to.

How does the developer? Florian Le Behan was confronted with video comparisons so that something is wrong here — and was convinced. Again, the developer promises improvement:

Thank you, it seems to be a problem specifically when the scattering of the portal weapons comes from a sprint. Therefore, the scattering is much higher than intended when shooting directly after a sprint about gimme and grain. We look at it.

MPs are currently the better assault rifles

How do I handle the problem in the meantime? The high scatter appears in particular to affect the assault rifles, which were also playable in the beta. The machine guns (English: SMS) seem to have remained largely spared from these measures. MPS are therefore currently the better assault rifles.

A detailed explanation of this assessment and concrete recommendations for the best MPS can be found in this article:

Do you play the game despite these problems? If so, do you use other weapons during the meantime? Or do you put the game aside until the scattering is actually fixed? Looking your opinion in the comments.

The best weapon in the game is currently neither a storm rifle nor an MP. Which is, and why she is so good, let s say in the article:

Battlefield 2042 Bugs & Issues Already Being Fixed by DICE Developers!

The current best weapon in Battlefield 2042 — so you use it and that makes you strong


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