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Elden Ring can be enjoyed at PS4! ? Thorough commentary on the game system and playfeel of all over the worldwide

Elder Ring is an upcoming activity parlor game created by FromSoftware and released by Banzai NAMC Home Entertainment. The video game is a joint effort between game supervisor Hideaway Miyazaki and fantasy writer George R. R. Martin, and also is arranged to be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on February 25, 2022.

Come 2021 November 12, network test of ELDER RING will be held. The author is to introduce a new element to everyone, you can experience ahead network test pair. In (what a lucky...!) This article will introduce a new element of evolved from the Dark Soul Series, ELDER RING.

Elden Ring Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Open World Boss Battle!

It should be noted that the author is playing in PS4 normal version, because it does not use a test version of the specification on the share function of, screenshot is due to a long period of time capture at 720p. Please forgive the image quality.

What game I Dark Soul Series ?

Or for just in case Dark Soul Series is the What kind of game, let s briefly recap. Genre action RPG. As it went through a fierce trap and the enemy is said to be death game, continue to strengthen the equipment and capabilities, we aim to defeat the boss.

And defeat the enemy, is the experience value resource levels up is also a currency won the soul. In the ELDER RING it has become a rune. All the possession rune and resulting in death, leaving to the death point, respawn to the check point. Also, we headed to the boss, but was lost and would again die can not recover the rune dropped rune does not return, it will become a re-earn.

In addition, not only a single play, you can multiplayer (cooperative play, the match play) is. Single also at the time of play, online at the time of or seen the movement of other players as illusion, the ability to play a movement of just before death from blood stains, it has the ability to leave a message. While feeling a gentle connection, we give you some hints on cheats in single player.

So, we move to the introduction of ELDER RING.

field significant expansion! Added open world specific play feeling

Field of this work is vast. We visited in the network test version of Rimugureibu The spread is grassland, How can the dungeon of the castle and caves are waiting, loading the middle was can rush seamlessly into the dungeon without any. A lot of monsters and the person also outside the dungeon has been active. So-called is open world specific play feeling.

new bonfire — blessing

Respawn point has continued the series players to heal — but was dark soul in the bonfire, light sparkling blessing is the respawn point in the work now. By touching the blessing, you can move the moment as the target of subsequent fast travel. Since the iterative search than the series of the nature of the field so far, fast travel is very important. Where you want to go to touch first and foremost if you find.

Blessed is stretched the light of the current large target, it will tell the direction should be headed. If you want directed to the boss without detour will be helpful.

It will be added to the map and discover the dungeons and blessing. Without even during combat, it is at any time capable of fast travel.

It also makes possible to confirm a more detailed terrain and to obtain the map fragment. Normally, map fragment is available at the stone monument along the highway. It will be so far past which was the location of the search tips.

Full of danger in the field!

Dungeon outside is not just a movement search part. As you inadvertently search, also it is attacked by a formidable enemy ridiculous.... Depending on the enemy, we have followed a fairly persistent player. Or repel taking advantage of the terrain, lets escaped somehow to the blessing.

To obtain occur combat anywhere on the field, too, I felt that the importance of the part, Do launch when combat is increasing. Stealth specific fighting, of course, the enemy induction of, divided can also be carried out such as, it was possible to game play that takes advantage of the wide field.

collection, craft elements appeared

A variety of plants, wild animals are scattered on the field. Unlike the item to be available only once, these materials are able to get again in a constant cycle. Material obtained in the collection can be to an item in the Item production. In the network test version, such as recovery items of throwing products and Lava, we were able to produce a bit of consumables.

time, the field that changes in weather

Is always time is flowing in the field. Visibility is to change the brightness, of course, will be the enemy of behavior also changes. There was also a change of weather, such as the occurrence of rain. Events and that occurs only by a particular weather, it may be that there are enemies that appear in a particular weather.

Speedy search and combat the with the spirits horse

So far as that is your show in the screenshot, that there will be a horse that can ride in this work. This horse is referred to as the Lava, to and materialize the dash operating in the outdoors. You can run around in as it is riding. It is fast travel is a great help in the search of the new world can not go.

Of course, you can do battle while riding. Is there a difference in the ease of use by the weapon, in order to be properly used a fine attack by each button, such as strength attacks and Tame attack, is safe and powerful combat means Clever use. However, the OK Ma and certain damage to the horse to accumulate, will expose the big gap. Try not to push yourself.

It will investigate the combination of against ash and weapons

Boss at the time of defeat, such as, you can obtain an item called Sendai at different times. Sendai the item to custom weapons. Can be equipped at the time of rest in the blessing, weapons-specific as combat maneuver weapon attributes, and you can change the status.

Weapon attribute will either maintain those weapons unique, whether it is possible to select to use one of the war ash. replacement without being consumed free So, I had to explore the combination each time to obtain the Sendai. With ease than the status-up by the level up, you can try a variety of tactics.

population against even one person! NPC summoned by Ashes

When you use the ashes, you can summon the NPC to follow the player. Unlike white sign of the NPC in the dark soul, also summoned by using the FP in the non-boss battle, it is possible to walk him until death. In use or could not cooperative play, although there are constraints such as can only be used in an effective area of ​​ Kaetamashi monument, is very powerful.

ashes is also not required status, such as physical force is not consumed be used. The strength of the enemy has become a thing in consideration of the use of ashes — was sometimes feel. Even when one person play, will come out a scene for a play that assumes a collective game.

competition and cooperation play by the spirit body summons. To be capable of efficient matching by puddle sign

Like the Dark Soul series, and to summon the spirits body as collaborators and opponents from the sign, it is possible Multiplayer. If you leave the sign in any of the point, it will be summoned to the world of other players.

Object called a new Sign reservoir has been added in this work. Instead of leaving to sign a free point, I definitive send a sign to the point where conspicuous, such as the entrance of the before and dungeons of the boss. Even if you do not play with a particular friend, you feel free to likely be able to match!

PS4 graphics and play feel that mature as a late title

The author is a play on PS4 Normal version. This is the environment in which it can be said that almost the lower limit as it plans to launch the platform but, dissatisfied with graphics-play feel both did not have any. camera overlooking the field far, high-speed movement by the ride, many the enemy and the occurrence of the attack effect, frame rate even in the scene... heavy processing, such as complex part of the lighting conditions overlap had been stable.

In addition, (there is a case in which it. In the high-speed movement to switch the object would low-resolution objects appear too late to temporarily lower the resolution of the objects in the conditions, such as distance) LOD processing of objects and distant character of motion the low framing is seen is a common phenomenon in the open world type game, but such a phenomenon in the play range of I did not see.

Not only the graphics, short of load time it was also comfortable. Fast travel is faster to respawn both at the time of death. I am really glad the comfort of replay as a death game.

Network test of the large volume! Also expect large main

This work put together the flow of the system from the Dark Soul series. You can see the system that has evolved in order to explore the fields and dungeons became more expansive. The author also killed many times in the nasty enemy set (series annual), I took struggled to further a boss, about 8 hours to clear point the arrival of the network test version.

However, it has not fully played all the elements. together,... what that story is taste how huge volume. I m looking forward your own the day you can explore the world in the faded people !

ELDER RING is a multi-platform (PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, Steam) in, it is expected to release 2022 February 25.

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[PS5] ELDER RING ([Book privilege] Adventure guide and map Poster gesture ring pose of included) ¥7,555




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