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Elden Ring is from Software s interpretation of Zelda and at the same time step more easily approachable mainstream

Our hero wakes up with forgotten deceased from Crypt. Darkness prevails, and there is no meaning to the time. The large kingdoms have disappeared in history, and only the past are memories left. The forces of wickedness have taken over the Kingdom. The mystical power used to stop them is now hunting both enemy s hands and desperate knights. However, this is not the new ZELDA, but from Software s next bigger: ELDER RING.

I spent a long weekend in a limited, but still in a huge feeble piece from Software s novelty. During this time, I tried all the five character class, I investigated the caves, I encountered other travelers, and I was dying tens of times. However, after about a ten-hour gaming session, it is difficult to give any kind of assessment on what kind of game elder ring will be. A sparkling part of the map is just a fraction of the whole, and the game clearly not complete yet. Nevertheless, it can already talk about a series of a revolutionary change that may not be suitable for everyone. Here s the greatest remarks that were left behind by the weekend.

Elden Ring Hands On Preview

The world is astonishingly beautiful

ELDER RING AMR ESS THE GERMANICIARY FOLLOWS AND ARTHUR KINDS. The world of The Lands Between is a dreamy place where the former kingdoms point out under the country. All what was big in time has been lost for centuries ago. The player is guided by a warrior that are lost in their nitro, who hunts the mystical Elder Ring. A fairy talent treasure that could be saved from the darkness of the world and drives the forces of evil back to where they came from. The primary field of hello warm glow that exudes the world with a hacking golden tree. It is surrounded by the animals left by the souls of the sacristies that guide the players on the way.

From Software s novelty take you right away. ELDER RING is a beautiful and stopping experience when you get access to it. The first minutes in the underground tunnel network are just anxious. Initially, it thinks that now has been mentioned from where the fence is the lowest. But the familiar and safe semi-roller progression disappears in an instant. It has a huge open world that offers surprises behind every corner. Sekirosta familiar renovated movement with a jumper to give previously fabric adventurers a new pure.

Everything is also visible and reachable here and now. No place is specifically installed. If a player finds an underground labyrinth, the journey continues without charging boxes directly to its lumen. ELDER RING feels big because it s it.

In the test version, the characters did not get themselves to edit, but this does not go worse to slow down. Currently, there are five character classes, each of which fighting style is different from the right that the Elder Ringing world can access it sees fit. Knights and Crusaders prefer daggers and two-handed swords. Mages bear the familiar magic rods, and Relevant warriors waving two-bladed ax than the last day. Hard-working adventurers will also find new armor and weapons that give a taste of the future.

Like Vihreänuttuisen hero s players unlock new paths and learn new skills you proceed further in the story. On the way visit to dealers, villagers and other trip elements who are waiting for the opportunity to find something better than this world.

But your journey is still heavy

Over the land does not have to also explore alone. As soon as the initial factors Elder Ring will introduce the players in Torrent, loyal Datsun, which arrives in the depths of the spirit world when called. Ivanka pole also able to jump twice during the flight, which gives the opportunity to explore places in a wider scale.

However, this raises the first blunder, wherein Elder Ring do anything. A new world is full of places to explore, but their achievement is not, at least not yet have as much fun as would like. Characters can jump considerably higher than in the past, but death still awaits anyone who tries to jump too high. Kuolettavuuden evaluation is a moving target still, the same length as the drops may occasionally kill, depending on pasta. Dogs are also not yet able to swim or climb, so Season level of diversification of adventure is still useless to expect.

However, ELDER RING, however, served with the digital lapping. Already in this small piece, its world flooded with great experiences. The familiar places seem to be visited and dangerous when they get to the columns at night. New monsters and travelers come up only in certain times. In the distance, the golden sparkle that leads the pilgrims closer to the ancient fingers. Each moment ELDER RING sighs Marta rings from the Lord and the everlasting myths. There was then a duel in the evening inspection against a second horseback or ambush in a thick forest, elder ring examination gets the cold shivers rolling along the back.

Things to do are enormously, even in a small area

In addition to the freedom of movement, the fighting mechanisms have also been partially thoughtful. The previous dark Souls games have kept players in relatively tight environments from the majority of the time. What s in front of now when enemies can attack both land, from the sea and from the air? The exact answer to this can not yet be given; Size of the unfinished certain movements still seem. Bigger monsters and bosses against the fight are still familiar and divine turret sauna, but new little opponents, such as murderous weeks, are straightforward.

Also, the fight against the fighting is not changed from the old, which often leads to frustration. ELDER RING is full of large and intensive battles where the player has to continue to move along the terrain if you intend to survive. However, too often it is perfectly possible that enemies, but rotate, a good adventurer without the possibility of defending. Especially when accompanied by a bigger monster whose attacks hit even when the hero is lying in the mud.

However, it is possible to get smoothing. A traditional Co-op-style space can also be found in the new Navigation. However, there is still no certainty Can the whole game perform with a friend without blocking, but on the basis of rapid testing, the expenditure is just shameful for fun. Adventurers also have the opportunity to invite NPC characters to benefit in tight situations, but this time their calling is not limited to large heroes. By using a call-in-life player, a player can get a helping hand on the top of the roads that arrive in more than one type of groups to provide a savings.

The characters also feel more versatile than before. Almost everyone can use the mags now, and new attacks can be found purely adventure. Also, weapons are not limited to character categories. A new counterattack smoother the playing field as well. Now, at the time of combating, hitting a special attack that can injected a louder to get a louder. There is also a completely valid fighting tool for hiding, where difficult situations can still be escaped if the situation looks like a tail.

This is an adventure game for everyone — finally

The cat must also be taken on the table: ELDER RING is easier and easier to approach a game than one previous from Software s production. It still lacks the difficulty level selection, which is a pity, but it also contains a considerable number of concessions that enhance the experience.

Dying is still commonplace to the cut-throat world, but thanks to the open structure of the souls of the loss is not as heavy as it used to suture. Finding your own body is easier, and thank you for collecting the new experience points for easier monsters of the monsters is also a more stringent roof.

Flaming swords replace the patron saint of the fire has also experienced a facelift. The world can move freely between the found fires regardless of the situation. In connection with the death of his choice can not return to the source of the fire or, alternatively, any of the myriad of Mary of crosses. These crosses are shrines, which act as a kind of check-point system. They will not be able to do the same things as the patron saint of the fire house, such as improving the character or to raise this level. But the mere possibility to get closer to the bigger monsters at once, which put you in the past lihoiksi, there is a huge leap for the better.

At the same time the world seems graciously than before. The actual progression takes place further through certain boss battles, but it preceded areas and how to clear them completely decide for yourself. One game at a time headed for the very first attack platoon area, while on the other hand, I spent hours just local molten dungeons. The menus are still looking for some fine-tuning, but the number of tutorials seems even more pronounced. For the first time in the series it seems that From Software wants everyone to enjoy their creation of the world.

However, the game honors the past

However, all traditions are not picked up. Story promoting large battles against graceless bosses are still in place. But achieving them does not feel equal to the heavy track this time. The rhythm of the game also provides new opportunities to engage in his skills in various rhythms in good time. Beginning players can focus on a lightweight robe among small monsters, while experienced heroes will surely take one of the local pieces and dragons.

A slow-opening plot is also gratifying traditional. In a small taste, I just got to see the overall picture of the glimpse, and it does not want to reveal almost anything. From Software, it has always told stories about lost kingdoms, and elder ring differs from this drop. But the BREATH OF THE WILD IN WAY it has now drawn from more familiar sources. To mind, for example, a written the Green Knight, published this year, who brought the round table knight mythology back to the screen. Assistant writer George R. R. Martini Handspring appears in references to crusades, ancient habits and sadness of humanities that suffer from the turmoil of magical forces.

ELDER RINGING Publication is still more than a month, and there is currently no certainty to keep the expected date of publication. From Software, there is still a huge deal in front of the top, as even the beginning of the game seems to be a more momentous unfinished. Therefore, it is difficult to keep the experience even as a beta test at this time. This is more of the skyline painting. The promise of the future that may remind you of a great deal of threat to the fogging step in the summer.

As such, it leaves behind just what it takes. In the soul of the gap that hugs only to get back to the distant countries to look for a means to save it from darkness. It s already a February.


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