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Fan Alliance hopes for discharge for collectively

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For the Alliance Our Curve, the judgment of the Federal Court of Justice could have greater consequences for the liability of football clubs in fan-offenses.

With tension, we expect the BGH judgment on the legal dispute between the FC Carl Zeiss Jena and the DFB, as this can lead to far-reaching reforms of DFB BGH judgments facilities, says in a statement of our curve on request of the German press Agency.

Reaction! Chiefs fan watches  Salt Lake Stallions vs. San Antonio Commanders AAF Week 7 Game The BGH judges on Thursday (8:30 am) in Karlsruhe about who is responsible if pyrotechnics or Böller are ignited in stadiums. The procedure had initiated the FC Carl Zeiss Jena. The Thuringians are to pay for disturbances of two third-league home games and one outward part in 2018 a total of almost 25,000 euros and do not want to accept this.

In a verdict against the German Football Association and thus against a fault-independent liability of the clubs, for our curve the punishment logic of the DFB would basically be called into question. Because a ban on fault-independent sanctions would also give collective penalties a general removal.

From a collective penalty one speaks if a BGH judgments court convicted a club, for example, after fan-riings, to play games from empty audience blocks or even in the empty stadium. Then peaceful followers must carry the consequences. The topic has been a politician in the clashes between organized fans scene and DFB for many years.

The DFB BGH judgments Court continues to impose fines with fan offenses such as the ignition forbidden pyrotechnics. The legal and procedural order of the DFB provides that the clubs are liable for the behavior of their followers and spectators in the stadium area.

Jena was inferior to the competent arbitral tribunal. The supreme civil judges of the BGH check whether this arbitration can exist. The Frankfurt Oberlandesgericht had confirmed him in the lower court. The negotiation on the BGH was on 1 July.


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