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Lol: 7 hidden mechanics you did not know and how to get out

Riot Games tries to be very clear about the functions of the skills of League of Legends. As the years have passed since the premiere, the developer has become more exhaustive when explaining how the title works, but neither with those has managed to finish with the existence of some somewhat strange interactions or hidden mechanics that the Most of the players do not know. Combinations of skills or between champions we can get out of a party to make a difference with respect to our rivals.

In this case, it is a fine spinning and trying to rescue some of the hidden mechanics that may be more useful. In some sections you will find a general knowledge that can help us with the majority of the League of Legends champions and in others some specific interactions that you may not know if you are not a true expert from the character to which it affects. A discovery that can help you in some situations of the games. Of course, keep in mind that sometimes Riot Games decides to eliminate this type of tricks.

more damage with Samira Ultimate

Although she is no longer that intratable character who arrived in League of Legends at her launch, Samira is still a great shooter. The combo capacity of it can catch rivals by surprise and a definitive good is the key to increasing our chances of winning a game. However, many champion players do not know that they can increase the damage they achieve with this ability when combining it with other pieces of their kit.

It is no secret that the only spell unlocked while using the infernal trigger is E (wild career). However, we can add an additional part to the combo. Although the Q (class) can not be used normally during the Ultimate, we can throw it down during it if we combine it with the wild career displacement. Thus, we will increase the total damage being able to get a new restart that would be impossible in any other way

Struying the blindness

One of the secondary functions of the final nocturne is the vision block that she causes in all the champions. The skill prevents us, for example, to attend our lines using the Sound Spell to be unable to see the subjects of the lane in question or any sentinel vision that is placed. However, we can skip this restriction by using any element that runs out with the incapacitations.

The W of Gangplank (eliminate scurvuto), the definitive of entertainment (unwavering will) or the use of mercury fajín returns our sight. In this way, we can have a clearer vision of the situation and help our colleagues. In the same way, Any antihechizes shield prevents the destination of Twisted Fate from revealing the champions, although only if it is active when the opponent uses it and in no case can we cure of this situation.

Secret And Useful Mechanics In League of Legends You Might Not Know Style points

Although we want you to take advantage of all the hidden mechanics of League of Legends that we present, maybe this is valid to earn style points. However, we have not been able to resist to include it since it can leave the rivals absolutely bewildered: some of the champions and skins, especially the newer, can dodge the striking of the definitive of Cassiopeia using the spell back based on base

This situation would be caused by a small change of Riot Games with this animation, which would make the character look at the camera during his channeling. Perhaps the most useful thing about this function would be take this to try to tend a trap to the rival, making it come for us, seeing that we are unprotected. It will end up taking all our skills combo and complaining about Riot Games on the text chat.

Master Meditation Yi

This is a known trick among the most dedicated players of the champion and shown in the text of the skill in the game, but only if we use the key that shows the detailed description. Although the main function of this spell is healing, it also has a good assortment of side effects: increases the charges of passive ( double blow ), restarts self-autoataque and paralyzes the consumption of both the definitive ( unstoppable ) as from E ( Wuju style ).

This ability allows us to gain a little time to cure us after a first low while maintaining all our active skills and offering us the possibility of attack with a double self-autoata as the first rival we want to eliminate just after. It has many possibilities and offers a lot of creativity, so from now on you should take it into account for many more functions than just having a bit of healing.

invisible teleportation

Although perhaps only a few players from the champions with the ability to become invisible (or camouflaged) know this trick, is perfectly possible to use teleportation without breaking this state. Characters like Shaco, Twitch or Teemo can launch this invoker spell without worrying about being exposed. Especially interesting is the case of Rengar, who of all is the one that can sometimes take advantage of this play.

This mechanics is very useful as escape in complicated situations or to combine with an ambush in which we want to be bidder to enemies. Best known is that This mechanics is perfectly compatible with flash, something we can also use in our favor to do everything even more surprising.

Viktor s mechanics who only know their rivals

We may know the side effect of the definitive Viktor (chaos storm) depending on what our favorite champion is. This ability has a quite discreet effect and that often goes unnoticed: Interrupts the enemy channels. This allows alternative uses such as, for example, cut the definitive Anivia and make it enter into cooling for a few seconds.

The skills with constant pipelines are not very common in League of Legends, but we can prevent many rivals from carrying out some of their most powerful movements and save us both ourselves and our colleagues if we use it at the right time. It is true that skill has a lot of damage and it is a shame not to take advantage of it, but it also has a much reduced cooling if we accumulate a few objects.

Hide the Orianna Ball

This is one of those mechanics that many ORIANNA players will use usually, but that it remains unknown by the vast majority of League of Legends players. It consists of use the map in our favor to hide the ball and prevent rivals from knowing where it is (placing it on a wall). Thus, when an enemy approaches the location of him there will be a lower journey and reaction time so that I finish falling on the prey of our complete combo.

There are many areas where we can hide this skill, and it is best to be testing them all to see which is more beneficial on each occasion. In fact, In some we can even impact skills without seeing us, although the latter is a little more circumstantial and complicated to execute. Of course, when you come out you feel like a true teacher of League of Legends.

We hope you were surprised with all these hidden mechanics that are present at League of Legends. Do not hesitate to tell us in the comments you already knew before this reading.


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