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Players say bots make an aspect of New World Total meaningless and Amazon does not do too little

bots are inner World still a problem. Almost daily there are new thread in which it is weighted. Above all, the fishing should thus be pointless. Most players disturb that Amazon is doing too little. Because some bots are reported daily for weeks.

What is the problem Already on 5 October — the first time we have reported on Mango about Angel bots — and barely a week after release. At that time they made especially so headlines because they have players killed in funny ways.

But this fun is gone by many players. For the bots have a devastating impact on the game:

First, they hurt the players who want to level up your crafting skills. For materials such as iron or rare trees are always in the same place and can be removed by one person. Are then must wait for the spawn. Secondly, they harm the general economy. Especially the fishing is troublesome for normal players, but there are fish thanks bots in abundance. Fishing so not worth it on many servers.

Report Time and again players so the bots. But to lock it comes apparently rare.

'bots are simply not locked What criticize the players? on Reddit was last user Reality complained that bots are unlocked. In his thread, he criticized the fact that he has reported 10 days in a row a bot, but this is still running carefree through the area. And with this criticism he is not alone.

In the thread, there are some users that it report that they report bots for several days, but nothing happens. On YouTube, the player Mike W shows such a bot and also report it, even though it is self-evident that nothing brings, as he emphasizes in the video.

The user genital engine reacts Reddit very cynical on the reporting problem and warns: Before the bots will be the thread creator blocked because he spams reports daily.

Some users find it also funny that although players are locked with enough messages for 24 hours and thus excluded from wars, but bots can continue playing unmolested.

In addition, some users agree that while there are bots in Europe, the situation on American servers but should again be significantly worse.

bots now reach level 30 only through collecting

How bad is the bots? Depending on the server, the number of bots will vary, but there are basically no one gets along completely without bots. According to the Reddit users JustDaveInTheLBC the number is said to have also increased again in the last days (via Reddit). And he has discovered an interesting detail:

In the last week I have seen a large influx of bots on my server. And they have a higher level, all in their 20s and 30s. You reap in full action. Is that on other servers?


I have reported the same Bot in three days three times, because it really starts to annoy, constantly competing with bots to materials.

This level will be reached mainly through the collection of materials many bots. Especially among the Anglo-bots such high level are impressive, because progress is slow in comparison with other collecting professions.

Other players report now also bots outdoor post storm, a PVP mode on the Max Level 60. The bots there, however, will struggle scripts have, with which they could have then probably leveled faster. Meanwhile, it is also intended to give Town Board bots that do the appropriate tasks in the settlements, to level so quickly.

What do you say to the bot problem in New World? Have you recently again encountered more bots, or it is on your servers rather quiet? Write it in the comments.

Because of the many bugs, exploits and bots will always demanded again that New World is to get a fresh start. But we of Mango contact us strongly against it from:

No, New World does not need a reboot, as then, Final Fantasy XIV


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