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Wow: T-sets without Raiden? I find good

Blizzard has as discontinued some time ago that in the course of WoW Shadow lands animal sets and their bonuses will celebrate their return, found that not only we, but the vast majority of players well. Azeris armor or half-baked Raid sets from the recent past were simply no satisfactory alternative to the iconic and tailored to the respective class sets. In addition, these set bonuses were a permanent source of this in the past that in places the playing style of individual classes in the midst of expansion changed what the specs in question have kept fresh. If you then, as the developers intend it to patch 9.2, set bonuses also linked to the respective areas or other content, of course, is especially good.

animal sets for all!

Go now, developers in the next update but a slightly different way than in the past. Because the animal sets will be erspielbar soon about other content than the raid. Completely new is not, however. Already in Wrath of the Rich King, it was possible individual animal-Set Items to buy by brands that have been earned in heroic dungeons. Patch 9.2 goes one step further and makes sure that absolutely everyone who invests a little time to get his fingers to the iconic parts. How exactly will happen is in the details not yet been determined, but is related to the Children the First and the new Progress system in Earth Morris.

That was enough to out already to anger some long-established Raider. The raid will depreciate a bit more compared to other content again — often heard from the community. And that s basically probably right. Maiden but is now long gone, the only demanding content in Endgame next PVP. That was many, many years once the case, but has done no later than the introduction of the mythical Plus dungeons.

Perfectly okay....

I personally am not awful. If others get something I already did anyway, then I do not mind that in my gaming experience hardly up. Although I must say that I really had better find it, if you separate Raid and Dungeon sets would introduce. That would be, possibly again ensure that the spoils of content X, the best armor for content X is. A principle that Blizzard wanted to follow up and a few months later probably falls into oblivion. About the look of the new animal sets can argue. I like them. Source: Blizzard But there are a few things that would really bother me considerably in the subsequent implementation. I therefore hope that Blizzard holds a number of principles:

Raider get it completely and fastest from the Raid!

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This is the first and most important principle for me. If the developers want to worry about this detour for now, have to grind that ambitious Raider again any other content in order to quickly and effectively to their key sets, then I think it s not only wrong, but see it as a middle finger towards Raid the community. For in the case it is just not so that others also get something, but it feels as if you would get the Raider taken away something. Of course, that s not really the case, what the feeling is still not improved. We must not forget that as a Raider yet anyway because of other things often and much grind needs. The system of frost marks time in Would was actually quite fair. One got his items in the raid and could complete his set by Frost trademarks of the individual bosses or a heroic dungeon per day. However, not necessarily Hours of Grind in Earth Morris needs.

Animal set items are FIXED items without variations!

A point in the announcement and the subsequent interview we had done with John High and Jeremy Weasel, makes me foreboding. So was conveyed that one of the new cipher system a Tier Set-Item can create without raid. One can present items via a new and unspecified called system upgrade to set items.

Jeremy Weasel:... to be able to unlock the ability to turn any item, did you get, did is on to Appropriate item level and at upgradable item, into a class set.

EVERY NEW PIECE OF GEAR (So Far)! + Legendary Drop Locations!  // Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

If that means what I m afraid, then that works in principle exactly as with the sockets that I can clap on every item of the Season so that the item can wear a gemstone. Only instead of a pedestal it gets the set bonus. About one of the new systems, we can make suitable items for set items. Source: Blizzard That would be the absolute worst case for me. Because it would mean that I (and pretty much every other player also) does not want to have the four or five set parts from the RAID. Instead, I want the one item from any dungeon with the perfect values ​​and then do that to the set item. The farm effort for the best equipment would be gigantic and in the worst case, I need several, so that permanent can change — be it because of the stats or because of the two legendary.

And what about the look? I then have upgraded 08/15 armor, which have set bonuses. Super. Not! Instead, the items about which new system should always be transformed instead of upgraded. The pact sets were visually not worse than the coming animal sets. Source: TOWHEAD All my fears can of course be invalidated or bypassed by a good design by the developer. But we are honest, I probably would not have these fears if the developers in the past would be elegantly sealed such fat sisters and stumbling traps. However, I am optimistic that they will be in doubt about the feedback of the PTR players to hear these topics. After all the announcements in this regard, otherwise the last drop of trust would be gone. .

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