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New World announces winter new products - a lot of sweets to get

Amazon announced quite a bit of news to the New World. But before they reach the game, we will check them on test servers (PTR). These are now available for volunteers, but do not know when winter finally update appears in the winter-in. But we know what to expect from it, and this is quite a lot.

New World: The Final Preview In Sternum came the feast of Winter Convergence! Preached by shelters snow and northern lights (Aurora Borealis). This is the time of duality and dichotomy, which raises the Winter Wanderer, Yeti. While gifts in sediments emphasize transient year, it takes place outside the walls of the winter war between the forces of good winter (perseverance, Sleep) supported by the good side of the Winter Wanderer, and the evil forces of winter (death, stagnation) supported the wrong side of the Winter Rover. What does it mean?

You have to win Winter tokens of recurring events, played all over the island and replace them in the Christmas store to pick up rare and cosmetic items. This refers to the armor, weapons, furniture, skins for objects, or emotkach. Of course, everything in the winter and festive atmosphere.

Winter Wanderer founded four villages, which spreads through the joyful atmosphere of the Winter Convergence! Visit these villages Jesieniowieczni, Cliffs Monarchy, and Wetlands of Textile Shining Weld, Winter Rover to meet and perform their Christmas mission. That's not all, on the island there are other attractions — Ice Caves.

Ice caves are throughout Sternum, as a warrior wants Winter Eternal Winter. They are full of snow and ice — the Yeti uses the power contained therein to the Sternum was even more frost and snow. If this warrior attacks are not stopped, the entire Sternum will look like these caves. After the event, these caves remain forever like a scar on the body Sternum — as a source of winter magic that would not melt even after the defeat of the Winter warrior.

This update also introduces a new series of tasks related to houses. After completing the main task thread Contamination at the gates find the architect by the name of Giacomo and Activity Start a new series of tasks. Another task of Giacomo Algorithm will be unlocked as you progress within the rank of the player.

Amazon also introduces some changes. In the game there are new deposits of gypsum. They can be taken every day for performing various tasks (open world of bosses, bosses of the expedition, the attack on the police station, arena, spoiled breaches, etc.). Moreover, the peak performance is now referred to as the Proficiency and the current level is displayed anywhere in the player's avatar in inventory. Gamers can easily monitor your progress.

There is also a system of flair for the profession. After reaching 200, the level profession circle level will be updated and will show three parallel marks. After reaching one of these markers, the player will be rewarded with useful storage tank profession and corresponding objects, such as modifying production, special ingredients, and even diagrams! Achieving each successive tag means even more special containers, containing more awards than earlier.

Templates also get equipment. Templates artifacts craft equipment is capable of producing items with guaranteed 600 points for specific equipment design. There is a small chance that the equipment will be available templates through the ropes, forging weapons, and płatnerstwo box with prizes knack for engineering.

Also announced PVP balance. Everything is described in detail here.


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