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Witsel leaves future at BVB: Do not know what happens

Mario Got (enunciation in German:/ Mario its/; Memmingen, Bavaria, June 3, 1992) is a German footballer who plays as a midfielder at the PSV Eindhoven of the Redivide of the Netherlands. Regardless of not being his favored placement, Got also plays as false 9 and also emergency front. I would certainly bet Borussia Dortmund in between 2009 and also 2013, winning the title of the Bundesliga in the 2010-11 season and the dual of the Bundesliga and the DFB-Pokal in the 2011-12 season, it would certainly likewise become part of the team that concerned the final of the UEFA Champions League 2012-13. In April 2013, he would be filed for 37 million euros for Bayern Munich, going to the moment the transfer by a much more costly German gamer in history. He was picked for the very first time for the German group in 2010, at the age of 18. It was included in the listing of mobilized for Euro 2012 and also two years later, it noted the goal of the success in the last of the Globe Cup of 2014.

Axel Witsel - What makes Dortmund's Ringleader so good? Axel Wiesel still wears the jersey of Borussia Dortmund on his shoulders. How long the Belgian will continue for BVB, is not clear. Rumors around a winter change last the lap. The midfielder himself has released his future at the black and yellow now.

I do not know what will happen next, Wiesel said of CNN addressed his future. I focus on the present because that's what matters, we'll see [What happens]. I think it's better to think of game to play.

Wiesel's current contract at BVB runs out of the end of the season. An extension, it reported several media, is unlikely. But that also means: Do not let the black and yellow do not let the Belgian release free, they would have to sell him in the coming winter. Juventus Turin should be interested, much more than rumors there is not yet available to do so.

Wiesel asked the BVB again

For a whereabout in Dortmund, especially Itself speaks last rising form curve. He himself did not think that he had not thought so much in the team of Marco Rose after his Achilles tendon tear in early 2021, gave the Routinize to CNN. But thank God, I feel strongly strong, explained the 32-year-old that he helped him with the right attitude to come back.

I had only two possibilities: either I let my head hang or I see it positively and tell me, that was my first injury in 16 years, so I can not be bitter, the Belgian national player described his emotional world.

Meanwhile, his focus is completely focused on the BVB and a very specific mission. If you play in Dortmund, you want to win trophies and win the title. In the Bundesliga, this is not easy because Bayern is a really hard opponent. But you never know. We will see what happens this season.

Wiesel reveals: That's why I moved to China

Not quite as pronounced was Itself athletic drive as he decided to change to China in January 2017. He himself does not make a secret of the fact that he went into the kingdom of the middle for financial reasons.

I do not have to conceal why I went to China. Everyone knows why I was there, said Wiesel, who looked at China from the beginning only as a stopover.

If you go to China, you can say: OK, I have my money, and I'm relaxed. Or you stay fit and work on after training. I did that. [...] I played a year and a half! But always knew that I will return to Europe to play at the highest level. That's why I decided to go to Dortmund in 2018, said the midfielder.


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