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Justin Wong suffers from the mythical EVO moment 37 after almost 18 years, now via streaming

All Fight and ESPORT computer game remembers with feeling among one of the most renowned minutes of the environment when in 2004, in full EVE, Justin Wong and also Diego Sahara Starring among one of the most memorable fights of background. And it is that the supposed EVE MOMENT 37 hStreet actually dropped to history Street one of the most interesting results that reminds of a fight of Street Fighter III. Street well Street now, at the beginning of 2022, Justin Wong himself hStreet actually gone back to experience, also if it is using streaming. almost 20 years later on the best anticipate returns All Fight and ESPORT video games bears in mind with feeling one of the most famous moments of the setting when in 2004, in full EVE, Justin Wong Street well Street Diego Sahara Starring one of the most remarkable combats of history. And it is that the so-called EVE MOMENT 37 hStreet actually gone down to background Street one of the most exciting end results that reminds of a battle of Str

Pokémon Go brings new event with old monsters - this is the Community Day Classic

Pokemon Go was announced with the Community Day Classic a new event for January 2022. Long-term coaches that may already be known. What is this for an event? The Community Day Classic is a time travel: Pokémon GO creates the Community Day with Bissau from 2018 again in January 2022. When will the event take place? The Community Day Classic with Bissau takes place on Saturday, January 22, 2022, from 14:00 to 17:00. It is therefore an additional community day in January. Finally, on 16.01. Even the regular C-Day with sea pop. Extra community-day brings Bissau and several bonuses Which bonuses are there? The Community Day Classic brings you a lot of spawns of the event monster as usual. He orients itself on the old times and runs only 3 hours instead of the now usual 6 hours. But that's still a lot of time to grab Bissau and enough sweets for the BisaknoSP developments and Sailor. In addition, the Shiny version will continue to be available. It can be assumed that the Shiny ra

Marco Kurth as a Leipziger Co

This is the result of a constructive dialogue in the winter break, so the Leipzig in an opinion: In due course, both sides will exchange for any further cooperation. Kurt was changing in the summer of 2017 as a young trainer to RB. He supervised the U 16 (2017/18), the U 17 (2018 to 2020) and the U 19 (2020/21) as a head coach, before he gave back in the coaching staff of the professional team in this season. The fact that Kurt's position is not reopened, the Leipzig er also shared. The coaching team for ChefCoach Domenico Tesco support accordingly the co-trainer Andreas Finkel and Max Urwantschky, goalkeeper coach Frederik Gosling as well as the athletic trainer Ruben Fallen, Kai Kraft and Daniel Behind.