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Daewon Media, Global Special Voice Series 'Power Rangers' First NFT

[Data provided: Dae Won Media] \ - Power Rangers' Most Popular 'Dinosaur's Jurger' is reborn as NFT \ - On March 8, 'Kollect.Cards' scheduled for formal release Korea Culture and Content Corporation Daewon Media has announced the news of the NFT launch of the Power Ranger series, the Power Ranger series, which gained a global basis. 'Dinosaur Jurger' NFT will be released in a collection of collectors, and on March 8, 2022, a total of 140 species will be on a full sales in the NFT platform 'Kollect.Cards'. The higher the strength of the digital collectorble card, the higher the rare degree, the more the special effects of the card and the image stimulate the collection of fans. Particularly, the original handwriting, TOEI (TOEI), is directly reduced by a high quality NFT, and is gathering expectations. The NFT platform 'Kollect.Cards' has a gameized impression system, which allows you to acquire more rewards and unlock a variety