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Star Citizen now has its X

The developers of Star Citizen from Cloud Imperium Games have published a new trailer for their constantly growing space simulator, which represent the players of the RSI Scorpius heavy fighter. The ship can be controlled by two players (pilot and shooter) at once, and weapons consists of 16 missiles and 4 points for mounting guns (distributed between wings and turret). The most noticeable feature of this fighter is probably wings that are able to separate and form the letter "X", like the X-Wing from "Star Wars". The ship is currently for sale $ 268, but you need to consider that it can be obtained without investing real money. Crowdfunding of the game, meanwhile, reached $ 465 138 004, and the number of registered accounts-3 832 023. Until May 31, you can become one of the temporary players in Star Citizen for free.

PlayStation Bungie acquisition is investigated by FTC

The FTC is investigating the acquisition of bungie by PlayStation, which could affect when the treatment is closed. Earlier this year, PlayStation announced its intention to buy bungie for 3600 million dollars. The treatment was huge, since Bungie was once a study owned by Xbox and is responsible for creating the largest franchise of the head of the platform in Halo. Since he separated from Microsoft and left Halo behind, Bungie has been working in the Destiny series, which has proven to be so successful that it has helped generate many other live services titles. As such, PlayStation saw the value in the developer and sought to pick them up. The news came to light shortly after Microsoft announced the acquisition of Activision, but Sony said his agreement had been in process for months. Now, the FTC has opened an investigation into the acquisition of bungie by PlayStation. This does not mean that something bad has happened behind the scene, but the investigation is mainly used to c

Star Citizen smells of money in the Alpha 3.17 update

If the "Big Money" that Psalmody the trailer may make one think of the cry that Chris Roberts pushes every morning in front of the crowdfunding of his game (soon 455 million dollars on the clock), Cloud Imperium Games actually sings to the glory of Star Citizen's Alpha 3.17 update, whose theme revolves around money. Called Fueling Fortunes , this first notable update of the year 2022 is expanding the economic opportunities of the pilots in addition to offering them new destinations to explore and new tools to feed the gameplay of the game. To start, the manufacturer Musashi Industrial & Starflight concern launches its Hull A, the most affordable vessel in its range intended for beginners who want to embark on trade and transport. A formidable functionality of modernity, the update allows pilots to sell to traders the items they no longer want to bail into UEC, in particular weapons, armor and other resources. A new professional activity also appears: it concerns t