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Is it hard? Rudeau was remodeled in China, and eventually became a Galge, where the transvestite hero is active. Approaching the charm of Vacuum Senki ]

Play in Digebo! Features a digital board game with charm with board game elements, card game elements, and table talk RPG (TRPG) elements. This time, we will deliver Vacuum Senki , which combines battle with enemies by board games and romance simulation games.

This work was developed by PearFlower and was distributed by the company and LovestoryProject on STEAM on July 11, 2022. The main part of this work is the visual novel part, but in the meantime, a battle game will be held. This board game uses a Chinese national board game flying chess .

Flying chess is a derivative work of the famous classic board game Rudo . Rudeau was widely known in Japan because it was included in the Nintendo Switch's game World's Asobi Taizen 51. The only reason why it is known is fucking game . However, this is only a problem with the basic rules, and if the rules are improved, it will be a work that can be enjoyed (described later).

The story will be held, mainly the four battle heroines. The amount of text is large, and it is in multi-ending format. There is also a battle with the enemy using the improved version of Rudeau, and there are also training elements. This time, I play with Digivo! First, let's take a look at the history and rules as to what Rudeau and flying chess are!

What is Rudeau in the first place?

Rudeau, a classic work of board games that became famous at once in the World's Asobi Taizen 51. The original is the Indian national board game Pachishi . It is said that its history was old and existed since the 6th century.

In the later 19th century, it spread to the world during the British colonial era, and was arranged as Rudeau in the UK and American Pachiissi in the United States. In addition, Rudeau in the United Kingdom travels to China and is arranged as flying chess .

Flying chess is a Chinese national board game and is sold at bookstores and general stores. I also played well. The game board was folded in paper and in a small box. The board game used in this work is a further arrangement of flying chess.

It is the rule of Rudeau, but you can play up to 2 to 4 people. Each player is placed in four frames and a top-angle on the board. Then put the frames one at a time, go around the board, and aim for the center of the board. All four frames are the winning players who have reached the center of the board.

The victory condition itself is simple, but the reason that this game is treated as a fucking game is that dice cannot be placed at the starting point . 。 In other words, until the 6 eyes come out, the player cannot stand at the starting point. Everyone may not be able to see 6 eyes, and the game may not start forever **.

One of the rules to follow up is that when your frame stops in a square where the opponent's frame is stopped, you can return the opponent's frame to the frame storage area **. The frame that returns to the frame storage cannot be placed at the starting point until 6 is out. Only the game time is wastefully prolonged, and it feels like a killing like Anyone can do it quickly.

China's flying chess is an arrangement of Rudeau. It is different from the making of the board, and there is a square that can be warp. Also, the rule is I can't stand at the starting point until the 6 eyes come out, but there is also a relaxing rule that if you have an even-numbered eye, OK .

When I was playing, I eliminated the 6 eyes rules so that I could always put the frames at the starting point (few people knew that there were 6 eyes rules in the first place). 。 Just eliminating the 6 eye rules will make a good tempo game play. Let's take a look at this work and the arrangement version flying chess used inside.

Protect mankind from Kazu!

The stage is the future of 3xxx years. Humanity was threatened by the outpatient species called evil . What we can compete with is the user of the weapon Haruka Equipment that can defeat the evil. The main character of the game was a man called Ritsuharu , and was arrested somewhere in a room with amnesia.

Ritsuharu was in a big mansion. In the letter from the owner of the mansion, Esther , you must hide your status because you are a special being called old mankind. He worked as a maid in this mansion, and his name was called Kotama. In addition, human beings in this world have different ears, so they are given their ears for disguise. In Ritsuharu, she dressed as a woman as a woman named Kotama, who was missing, and decided to work as a maid.

Ritsuharu has previously been attacked by a ghost. The ghost is flying creatures and there are various types. Ritsuharu accidentally gets sunny equipment and starts fighting two ghosts according to the voice of a mysterious woman.

Combat start! Like the rules of the original flying chess, you will be able to sortie up to four frames, but this time only in the spring. Each character has HP and MP, and when the HP runs out, it is returned to the base at the starting point, and it is not possible to sortie until the end of the game. MP is consumed when using a character kill.

Rudeau is the biggest problem with 6 eyes rules, but in this work, if you swing two dice, a total of 3 or more, you can put a frame at the starting point. With this rule, it hardly fails. You don't have to be able to start forever.


The ultimate goal of the game is to go around the board counterclockwise and then reach the central goal point Nuclear Nuclear . Rudeau must stop exactly, and if you over, you have to retreat the mass. In this work, the troublesome rules are eliminated, and the goal becomes a goal when you arrive. It has been improved to a speedy development.

This time, Ritsuharu (Kotama) cannot use skills. Let's aim for the goal so that she will not be caught by the enemy. Two dice swing, so the speed of turning around the board is fast. Once you stop at the same color as your camp, you can warp to the same color of the same color. These rules are also faster the game development.

When you stop at the same square as your opponent, a battle occurs. Those who shake each other and have large eyes will stay on the square. If you have a small eye, the difference from the opponent's eyes will retreat (the image is 4-1 = 3 squares). This is a good improvement because it is a penance of being returned to the sortie point at the moment of being caught, and the 6 eye rules are performed.

We arrive at the central goal point Kumasu nucle and win! After the victory, the points that can be used in the shop and the bond points with friends will be added depending on the battle result. This time it was easy because there was no attack from the enemy.

Fight with your friends!

Esther, the employer of Ritsuharu. The mysterious voice of the previous battle was also an instruction from Esther. She pretends to be a light ball and complains about working as a maid, but she is just said, Please do your best not to get out.

The sunny air equipment used by Ritsuharu in the previous battle is originally a light ball. There are various mysteries, such as the fact that only the person can be installed, but for some reason, the spring and hair are similar. In addition, the only old mankind discovered is Ritsuharu. Humanity in this world is like a beast.

On the map screen, you can move to various places by consuming your actions. When there is a character icon, you can talk with the character. As the story progresses, shopping and unit formation are possible. This time, there is only 2 action power, so you can't talk to everyone on the map.

Battle training starts! You can use skills from this time. Ritsuharu's Judge can attack enemies within 8 squares before and after. Shake each other dice and do 2 damage if it is bigger than the enemy. When using the skill, you will get a cut-in.

It is also possible to use the obtained items. The item in the image is 1 square go . It is good to use it even when you stop before the square of a warp.

In the spring, he joined the Esther unit and decided to fight together. On the right of the image above is a light ball friend Tani rain . You have ears like a fox. The bottom image is biscuit . These four people form a unit.

Unit organization screen before sortie. You can equip the sortie order and skill / item equipment. You can only equip one passive skill and two active skills. Think carefully and set it.

A battle with disturbed enemies. The enemy will launch an attack from long distances. He continues to eat damage, and the valley rain is sunk. Moreover, two enemies allowed the goal first. If you can win from here, please play with your own hands.

Good tempo improved version Rudeau

This work is a work that makes it easier to play by arranging the flying chess, which is a derivative work of Rudeau. It is a work that can be enjoyed as a board game, such as the use of skills and items, and depending on the stopped squares.

By increasing the bond points, you can enhance your character skills and abilities. It is a work that can be enjoyed as a visual novel, but I think it would be interesting if only the board game was extracted and the interpersonal battle was possible. Currently, it is only Chinese (simplified character), so let's look forward to future developments.

Product information

  • Some of the game titles and proper nouns used in this article are replaced with simplified and traditional characters with technical restrictions.


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