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Tower of Fantasy the best relics to maximize your damage

The relics in the fantasy tower are excellent sources of powerful attacks. With all the strength and positive effects that the relics give, they also play an auxiliary role, providing excellent protection.

Tower A wide variety from which the player can choose also comes with relics. SR and SSR are the only two types of relics, and the player can equip only two relics at a time before joining the battle.

In this leadership, you will learn about the best relics in Tower of Fantasy and how to use them.

The best relics of SSR that can be unlocked in Tower of Fantasy

SSR relics are rare and very effective in battles in terms of DPS, tanking, weapons of the healer and much more.

Colossi's hand

Colossus's hand is one of the most powerful SSR relics in Tower of Fantasy. When used, he gives rise to the Colossus hand behind the players for 20 seconds, which is very useful in battles, since the relic itself is a type of attack.

In addition, Colossus ARM gives players the opportunity to apply 1387.7% of their basic damage, which, of course, will crush enemies in the right place.

Rap space-time

Spacetime Rift is one of the best relics when it comes to fighting numerous enemies. It has an effect similar to a black hole that sucks everything.

Spacetime Rift launches a proton star, which is activated in the indicated place and works within 10 seconds. When activated, he creates a hole in the space-time, which sucks every enemy nearby.

After 1.5 seconds, the center of the proton star applies 39.6% of damage to the act to enemy in the region with a uniform interval of 0.5 seconds.

holographic projector

When it comes to EVE gameplay, a hologram projector is the right choice. This is a relic such as an attack, especially useful for traffic police players. He projects the hologram of the caster, continuously repeating the weapon. Damage increases by 35% when relics activation and after 15 seconds of continuous operation, it goes into the reloading phase of 180 seconds.

General shield

Although you plan to strengthen your protective mechanism using relics, Opium Relic is an absolutely reliable choice. This is the relic of the SSR of a protective type, which, when activated, causes a general shield to block any attack coming from the sky or a projectile.

The activation time of the shield is 10 seconds, and the recovery time is 90 seconds. Its initial energy is equivalent to 200% of your HP, so the better the HP, the better the initial energy of the shield.


Another incredible choice can be Dr1. When this relic is involved, the drone is caused by 15 seconds, and the decrease in damage increases by 15%. The relic is a multipurpose and can be used both for protection and for attack.

The best relics of SR, which can be unlocked in Tower of Fantasy

SR relics have a four-star rarity in the game and are no less important for strengthening your character.

missile shelling

The first in the list of the best relics of SR is Missile Barrage, which mainly represents a relic of the type of attack. The relic can be used to call a missile installation, which can be directed to enemies for 8 seconds and do your job. These missiles, launched by a rocket in one gulp, cause damage equal to 34.8% of the basic player damage.

Magnetic storm

This is a relic of an attacking type, which is mainly focusing on DPS weapons. It tends to launch an electric tornado, creating a magnetic field around itself. Tornado lasts 8 seconds and continues to lift enemies into the air and inflict damage to them, equal to 186.3% of the player’s basic damage.

Magnetic pulse

This is another relict type of attack that inflicts 38.8% of the basic damage, launching magnetic bombs into enemies. The relic activation time is 5 seconds, and the reload time is also 35 seconds.

Law bomb

This is a relic of an attacking type, which is used to throw enemies into the air after dumping lava bombs in them, causing damage, equivalent to 567% of basic damage.

A vacuum cleaner

Characters such as Nemesis and Tubas can effectively use their long-range attacking characters, directing the vacuum cleaner to enemies from a long distance. The relic is used to call a beaver gun for 20 seconds and damage, equivalent to 5.6% of the basic damage.


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