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Super Detective Case Book Rain Code Interview with Kazuo Odaka! Isn't it a new commitment & Z? CERO settings ... Tribe Nine production status and the story of the sequel to Danganronpa

Spike Chen Soft will release the Super Detective Case Book Rain Code for Nintendo Switch in the spring of 2023.

This work is a dark fantasy action game that is reunited by the production team of the popular series Danganronpa . A strange city that continues to rain under the control of a huge company. Under the memory loss detective apprentice Yuma and one contract, Death Kamāncha, who possesses him, walks around the city and investigates frequently unresolved cases.

This time, the editorial department had the opportunity to interview Kazoo Osaka, a Tokyo Games, a scenario director of this work. I heard a lot about the parts that I was particular about when producing, the difference between HERO settings that everyone expected, Danganronpa , and the production status of Tribe Nine !

Rain Code is I feel crazy games that I've been making for over 5 years

――What did you start with Rain Code?

Kazoo Osaka (hereafter, Osaka) started New Danganronpa V3 Everyone's Colonia's New Service (2017), so it has been spending more than 5 years. While there was an epoch-making reasoning adventure called Danganronpa in the 2000s and Danganronpa in the 2010s, the next time I decided to create a work that represents the 2020s. I decided to make it a 3D reasoning adventure because I wanted to deliver it to customers in a wider world.

――I had tweeted with a crazy game that has been making for more than 5 years due to budget degree, but please tell me the current development status.

Osaka: It is decided to be released next spring, so the materials are all available. I am proud that the world view and gimmick that can be moved freely by having a variety of towns in the city have not been quite a title for Nintendo Switch.

――What do you make especially over time?

There is a place that embodies the mystery of the Kodak Mysterious Labyrinth, but every time a different labyrinth comes out every time. The trouble that occurs there is different, so the amount is amazing anyway! Actually, I'm attacking the last minute that can be put in the switch room (laughs).

In addition, since all the dramas can be spun in 3D, all of them are recorded with motion cameras. From the developer's point of view, I think it seems like Why are you doing such a troublesome thing? It took a lot of time because there was no reusability.

-The stage is a strange city that continues to rain. As the title is Rain Code, is rain a keyword in the story?

It was Rain Code from the temporary title I wrote in the first proposal of Osaka. It was born from my image of the story of the detectives = the atmosphere of the dark city. The paintings of the detectives standing in the rainy city... first came to Komatsuzaki (Mr. Komatsuzaki: Danganronpa and the character design of this work), so it was very cool. Let's go!

-Please tell us a little more about the mystery labyrinth.

Osaka's Mysterious Labyrinth refers to a different world created by God to the death possessed by the protagonist, Yuma. When the incident occurs, a mysterious dungeon appears, and if you move forward while solving the mystery there, you will reach the truth goal.

In the first place, the stage where the stage is dominated by large companies, and even if an incident occurs, it will be concealed immediately. Even if you uncover the true culprit, you will not be able to catch or punish. However, if you catch the true culprit in the mysterious labyrinth created by God, it will be affected by the real world, and the criminal will not be able to escape.

What is the difference from Danganronpa?

-The genre of this work is Dark Fantasy Protection Action, and Danganronpa was the genre name High Speed Action, Action. What is the difference?

It is also important for Kodak Danganronpa fans to be pleased with Danganronpa-like! The two axes were the most important.

The stage of Danganronpa was the school, but the Rain Code is set in the city, and the sense of scale has changed dramatically. Like the Persona series, you can select a place from the whole map to explore the 3D map, but there are multiple towns, so it is quite volume. Including the poisonous and absurd part of Danganronpa, the nuances of various elements are included in the genre name Dark Fantasy Action.

-Please tell us in detail about the common anticipation action. Will the reasoning in the mystery labyrinth proceed in a conversation drama like a class trial of Danganronpa?

Osaka Yes. We will go through the labyrinth while having a conversation. As you are going, the mystery will appear as an obstacle, so please go through it and aim for the goal. If you think it's a magnificent Beat Takes hi Ultra Quiz (laughs).

-I would like to ask about the characters, but super detective is okay to think in the same sense as the ultra-high school class (*with unusual talent) in Danganronpa. Is it?

Osaka: That's right. The same is true, but the super detectives have specialized abilities specialized in investigation.

-The main character Yuma was a super detective's apprentice, right?

Osaka: I don't have any different abilities yet, so it's an apprentice. So, death will cooperate with God and solve the mystery.

-The hero is not awakened to his abilities, or his personality is also common to Danganronpa.

The pattern of the hero I make (laughs) is that Osaka's loss is weak. That's because there are many special world views, so I want to make Nice to meet at the same time as the player. In this world, super detective is common sense, but if you are thrown into this world view with a body called Do you know? So, by telling the hero, What is a super detective?

-If you die, God is a monogram...?

It's a small point, that's different from Danganronpa. Death, God is an educator to raise Yuma into a respectable detective. Death is a buddy, so it is not a hostile character like a monogram.

-That means... isn't it betrayed?

Not only Gotcha, but also many other characters, as well as Gotcha. I'll tell them that there are situations that become suspicious demons... (laughs).

■ HERO undecided... The current situation is Z, but not for all ages

-HERO is currently undecided. How much is it going to be at the moment?

Although it is not Osaka Z (18 years old or older), it is not a target for all ages. I'm working hard so that I don't become Z (laughs).

-Why did you make the hardware a Nintendo Switch?

Osaka: As a result of cherishing the roots of Enjoy the reasoning adventure, I chose a Nintendo Switch. I feel that the culture of reasoning adventure is born from a portable machine like Reversal Trial and Danganronpa is strong. I think that it is a good place for reasoning adventures to be able to play as a book on the move or during a break.

―― Do you plan to release it on other hardware?

No Kodak . This is not undecided, but clearly asserts.

――What is the total play time assumed?

It is assumed to be 40-50 hours of Osaka. There are also small requests from residents around the city, and there are also intimacy events that were also at the time of Danganronpa, so there are plenty of interactive elements and subquests.

■ What is the current status of Tribe Nine? Hit directly about the possibility of the sequel to Danganronpa

-Tribe Nine is also available, but when will it be released?

Kodak Tribe Nine is also under construction. This is also made in a complete 3D, so the quantity is ridiculous. Katsuki is spending ridiculous money (laughs), and it's very rich. I had you show the game screen, but since it is as good as a consumer game, it will take a little more time to complete, but I am glad if you wait.

TRIBE ――When creating a game with 3D, will it change significantly more than 2D?

Osaka is completely different. The most difficult part is the trick. The sense of distance is all visible, and the deception does not work. For example, it is easy to understand the scene where the crystal ball is applied in Chapter 1 of Danganronpa, but if you make it with 3D, it will be not hit at this distance! did.

—By the way, is there a possibility of the sequel to Danganronpa?

I don't have the consciousness of creating a rain code because Osaka Danganronpa is over. I don't know when it will be, but it may be a continuation or not... In the first place, I think it would be nice to have Danganronpa, which is handled by creators who are not me.

--thank you. Finally, please give a message to those who are looking forward to the release of Rain Code.

Kodak Rain Code contains a lot of new IPs while containing Danganronpa. I think that not only Danganronpa fans but also those who do not know can enjoy it. Of course, there are some returns, and your heart will be very shaken, so please wait for the release!

The Super Detective Case Book Rain Code, which seems to be able to enjoy the new game character different from the Danganronpa series, will be released in the spring of 2023 for Nintendo Switch.


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