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How Does The Hogwarts Legacy House Selection Process Work? A Comprehensive Guide

One of the most exciting elements to register in Hogwarts is the opportunity to enlist in one of the four houses. Maybe you are brave and seek to enter Gryffindor. Your intellect can be acute and Ravenclaw your desired destiny. Or you simply want to play RP as a villain, in which case you have to go to Slytherin. Hogwarts Legacy will allow you to go through the process to find your true vocation, but how does the selecting hat work? We have the classification process explained below.

How do they classify you in a house at Hogwarts Legacy?

The spoil selector hat is one of the most indelible images of Harry Potter's tradition, famous for a long negotiation process with Harry and to avoid Draco's head as if the child had lice.

With the voice of Jason Anthony in this iteration, the participation of the selecting hat in the procedures seems to be mainly ceremonial. Like the chosen one, you can choose which house you will be classified. This was hinted at the official Twitter account, which indicated that the magician or the witch has the last word.


Remember, the witch or the wizard always have the last word on which house they belong. #Hogwartslegacy -Hogwarts Legacy (@hogwartslegacy) January 10, 2023, Linking your Potter more account will not lock you in a house, so if you suddenly go crazy, you can turn to Slytherin whenever you want.

Is there a personality test that can choose the house at Hogwarts Legacy?

If you are looking for a more intense experience, you can qualify in a house even before starting the game through the Warding World website. To do so, open your potion book in Chapter 11 and follow these instructions. Create an account or log in to your existing account if you already have one. Select Hogwarts classification. This can be found in the upper navigation bar on the main website page. Complete the questionnaire. The questions will explore elements of your personality through multiple choice options. Your house will be selected for you based on your answers. You cannot change the house on the Warding World website once you have decided for you, but you can continue with more tests to find out your type of wand and patrons. With this in mind, there really is an option for everyone, among those who seek the emotion of chance or those who prefer to control their own destiny. Right! The sensitive headdress has spoken, his word is absolute, and now you know. How the Hogwarts Legacy coach works. To (potter) get more guides above all magical things, take your broom and travel the links below. We do not expect you to fly, of course, there is simply dust down there, and you could sweep well. Related Posts Is Hogwarts Legacy compatible with Steam Deck? Answered Hogwarts Legacy will have microtransactions? Answered Will Hogwarts Legacy arrive at Xbox Game Pass? Answered Is Hogwarts Legacy Crossly? Answered Will Hogwarts Legacy be on Nintendo Switch? Answered


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