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How to Grow Big Pots and Collect Ingredients for Potions in Hogwarts Legacy

If you have attended the lessons of tribology in Hogwarts's Heritage, you know that growing and collecting plants is how you get the ingredients for the manufacture of various potions. Now, in the Hogwarts Heritage, several species of plants and seeds can be grown, and they are three different sizes. First you will start with small plants, such as manager and mallow, which require small pots. However, when you advance your skills enough to grow large plants, you will need to get large pots for the requirements room. You cannot grow a large plant, such as flux, in a small or medium pot. Fortunately, all you need to get large plantations is a place in the store and a lot of coins in your pocket.

how to get large potter tables

There is only one place where you can get a potted table with a large pot to grow large plants. You need to pave the way to volumes and scrolls in Hogs mid. This is the only store located in the southern part of the village, it can also be found on a map with a scroll icon. Go there and talk to his owner Thomas Brown to find out what he is selling. In his inventory you will find several witchcraft spells, including large pottering tables. Please note that there are two types of large pots that can be bought depending on how much you want to spend. A pottering table with a large pot costs 1000 coins, and a pot with two large pots costs 3,000 coins. If you have enough galleons, think about going to v-bank in order to be able to simultaneously grow two large plants on one pot. This will save you a place in the room and time.

How to use potted tables with large pots

After you purchased a big planter call spell, return to the requirements room. Remember how Professor Weasley taught you spells for the requirements room? You are going to use it here to create a pot that you just bought in Hogs mid. Open the witchcraft spells category and go to the HERBOLOGY section. Here you will see all your pots for pots. Select Big Pottery Tables in the menu on the left and select the Big Pot spell. Please note that you will need 10 lunar stones to create a table for pots with one large pot. If you purchased a spell for two large pots, you will need a lunar stone 30 times more.


Place the potted table in the necessary place in your room and interact with a large pot to choose a large seed of plants for sowing. Here you can see the growth time, and the Gershon table will also inform you when your large plants will be ready in real time, as well as a total crop that you can collect.


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