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Ogura Yuna Visits Korea for 'Like a Dragon!' Drama: Restoration and Fun with Japanese Actress Joining Game Promotion

Since its launch in 2014, it is a dragon that is newly introduced as a remake series title like a dragon!

In particular, the emergence of Japanese actresses who add the fun of the work in the series and join the game promotion has increased interest. Nakamoto Hirobumi producer and Ambassador Our Yuan, who are in charge of the game, visits Korea and meets the media and fans. I went out to inform. In addition, Tanaka Audio, a Japanese host and broadcaster, who is very popular in Korea through Namely Family, has been MC to help fans and cast members.

  • Date: February 10, 2023 16:30

  • True Seek: 'Austin with a dragon! Producer Hirobumi Nakamoto / Ambassador Our Yuan

  • Contents: Restoration like a dragon! Drama 'Media Meeting and User Invitation Event

Restoration like a dragon! Interview with Nakamoto Producer & Our Yuan Media

Like a dragon, the studio is the first work to be introduced as a new stay. Unreal Engine has been used and has made a lot of development in terms of graphics. Nakamoto Producer = I would like to say in order. First, Restoration like a dragon! The reason for making the play is that fans from abroad sent a lot of requests to localize. At first, I approached the idea of only localization to answer the request of such fans.

However, all versions, such as zero, and dragons, such as the original numbering title (Kirk protagonist), have gained popularity. I vowed to make a title that can be satisfied in every part. There was also a problem. The original version is already eight years ago. From the point of view of the creator, I thought I should make this again somehow. So I will produce this play title.

In terms of Unreal Engine, Unreal Engine is a powerful engine that can be a strong diligence and natural body is also effective. I was aware of this and the team was always studying new engines. However, while continuing research and development, I hit the wall once. Restoration like a dragon! The play is based on the end of the Do period and the end of the shogunate. Until now, it has been dealing with Choose, a virtual gamut hat replaces Kabuki-cho. The game also expressed the artificial material of such a busy street.

However, in this work, natural objects had to be expressed well against the background of the Do period. There was a difficulty in this area and I chose Unreal Engine with strength. It is the nature of this era that I thought I could never yield even in the game development stage. In order to express natural light and beautiful scenery, I thought I had to replace the engine and care a lot.

Like the existing dragon, fists, kicks, and bare hands attacked rather than weapons. This work emphasizes other parts. How is it different and how it looks like? Nakamoto Producer = The original version of the original version had many actions. There are many insisted parts that can be expressed as realistic as possible when expressing these parts.

In this work, a game that uses a weapon called Carl used more weapons to express such action because of the end of the shogunate. And this also increases the freedom of play. Therefore, I think it has the effect of adding more actions that have not been before and adding refreshing through it. I tried to enjoy the game more enjoyable through various weapons such as swords and guns.

I wonder if you have played the series like a dragon, and what works or characters you like best. Our Yuan = In fact, it's not a type of game, but I've played 7 like a dragon with the surrounding recommendations. It was really fun. Among them, Han Joni's character was so cool and fell in love (laughs).

There was a feeling that Kirk's story was over, but he said he would continue to use it in the series. How are you going to use it? Nakamoto Producer = It is also published in RGG Summit, but as a dragon, Kirk Karma comes out. I can't talk in detail, but there's already a story about finishing his journey in Part 6. And in the seventh episode, Kirk's story appears again. Abduction deals with what happened between Kirk between six and seven.

The genre of the works where Kirk and Keys appear were different. Nakamoto Producer = Our policy is to create the most suitable genre with the protagonist in the story. Kirk is the best fit for action. In the case of Keisha, it was emphasized with a strong relationship or loyalty with a colleague. I think it is more suitable to implement RPGs and manipulate colleagues together to defeat enemies. So I can tell you what the genre of action and RPG will be selected.

In the meantime, the game has been released from Japan and has been released overseas. This time, was there any difficulty in the world and all models. Nakamoto Producer = There were so many difficulties when I released simultaneous release. Since translation of language can only be developed and sold after completion, it was difficult to move to the next level if the language translation was delayed. It was the hardest compared to the time when it was completed in Japanese.

Yuan acted for the Karaoke video this time. Other Ambassador Homology Kana and Latino Yew actor have already had two appearances. How about shooting together? What kind of episodes like episodes? This was the first time Nakamoto Producer = Karaoke video was taken due to live action. So he tried to capture the sexy and beautiful appearance of the girls of the Do era. In addition, the three actors who played the role of a girl were combined to cast to be more beautiful. In that sense, I think Yuan will be happy and happy with you.

Our Yuan = Yew In-in, Kana actor is very nervous because it was the first appearance in the game. However, the two actors were very kind and kindly advised to shoot comfortably. In addition, I played the role of a young woman this time, and I was wearing the clothes I was wearing. There he was a girl in his past life. I think it's a good story to fit me.

Is there any plan to remake the Kenyan, the era of the era that was released before Austin? Nakamoto Producer = I received a lot of this question (laughs). I have no idea now. The reason is certain. This is because we always want to work by risking our lives in the development of Khoisan. Kenyan was released in PlayStation 3, but there are few data available. It's like you have to make it again from 0. In that sense, rather than spending time developing this work, Austin like a new work! I want to focus on the play and show a good work.

The original Austin was not supported by Korean language. How did you apply for this time? Nakamoto Producer = The reason for making a local version is the first reason that our team has improved its localization. Does Austin have a story of the late Japanese shogunate? I didn't even think about localization by country to meet the subject. But as the series continued, the number of overseas fans increased. In addition, translating old expressions such as Austin was naturally achieved. Thus, the localization team decided that the localization could be translated into language around the world, and localization could be achieved.

What happened to Yuan's appearance in this work? Our Yuan = In fact, in our industry, there is a perception that the actress who is played as an ambassador like a dragon is 'Worldwide Top Actor'.

So I was surprised and felt good when the offer came.


So I accepted the offer with a pleasant mind. I was also grateful that I played the game very much as a player.

In the theater version, existing characters play the characters in history. What did you change? Nakamoto Producer = As the series increases, new characters continue to grow. This work also features the characters who have appeared in various series at once. So I tried to appear the characters that the players could most enjoy among the various characters who appeared after the original title.

It is based on Japanese history, but it will be fun to know history, but it is also a barrier to global advancement. What do you care about that part? Our Yuan = (in Korean) I don't know history (laughs).

Nakamoto Producer = Right. There are many historical facts that Japanese players are not familiar with. If you do not know history, you can focus on the story.

How did you prepare for the mini-game, which is characterized by a dragon? Nakamoto Producer = Mini Game is the same as the original work. However, Karaoke has added new songs.

Do you have any plans to create a period of time from Kenyan and Austin? Nakamoto Producer = There are a lot of ideas. However, it is not yet realizing this.

How did you select this when you have a lot of Daemon cards? Nakamoto Producer = Like a dragon, many characters in the series have appeared. So when this character entered, the first thing that users would like it was the first priority.

What would you like to play with users in the game? Our Yuan = We appeared in Karaoke song 'Soonjeong Must', and we took a lot of sexy poses with the intention of seducing the player during the shooting. I want you to focus on that part. Also, when you are tired during the game, or if you want to be comforted, I would like to come to call pure warrior.

Finally, what do you want to say to your fans? Nakamoto Producer = On February 22, Restoration like a dragon! The play is released. Korean fans have been very loved to the game and have been hot. I hope you enjoy this work that shows the era.

Our Yuan = I am so happy to meet with reporters and fans. It is also nice to be released. Please look forward to the release of the game and remember February 22, the release date. Please look forward to (in Korean).

Restoration with Dragon! Extreme Media Meeting & Fan Invitational Event Scenery


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