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What Nucleus Should You Choose In Hogwarts Heritage? A Guide To Maximizing Your Adventure

Hogwarts Heritage intends to allow you to truly plunge into your own adventure in a title school. Part of the experience of their own unique story of a witch or wizard is the choice of a wand. Each of them is unique to the person who owns it, and, as we all know, usually the wand chooses the wizard. In this game, you will be allowed to configure your own wand with hundreds of options, but only once. One option is especially distinguished: the core of your wand. Which one to choose? Read on and find out.

Does the core of the sticks have any meaning in the Hogwarts Heritage?

Mechanically, it does not seem not. While, according to the knowledge of the magical world, the core of the wand is an important component that determines its capabilities, any version of the wand that you choose in the Oleander store in the Hogwarts Heritage, is purely cosmetic. This will not affect how much damage you can apply with your attacking spells.

Why are there only three Wand Core options?

Options for the nucleus of the rod, available to you in the Hogwarts Heritage, are based on Harry Potter Canon.

The Oleander family used only one of three options, objects associated with the rarest magical creatures, for all the magic sticks they made. They are the strings of the heart of the dragon, the hair unicorn and the feathers of the penis. Wands with a core of a string of the heart of a dragon, as a rule, are associated with powerful or bright magic. They also say that these sticks, as a rule, help their owners to learn magic faster. The core of the hair of a unicorn, as a rule, can be found in the wands that wizards and witches, who can constantly produce magic and are less prone to ensure that the spell goes awry. PHOENIX Feather Wands wands-wild cards. Their owners, as a rule, use a variety of types of magic, and the rods are more inclined to act on their own.


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