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Sons of the Forest: Learn How to Find Resources with a Shovel

To survive in a hostile setting, nothing beats excellent weapons and also excellent devices. In Children of the Woodland, the shovel is a crucial and particularly fascinating device. The technicians excavation is new in the series and makes it possible to dig up some resources.

However before you can make use of it, you still have to take a trip the island in search of the perfect Lou til. The earlier the shovel is gotten, the much easier it will certainly be to make it through by searching the planet.

Where to find the shovel, Lou til excavation?

  • Necessary items:
  • Recycler Dear
  • Rope pistol The cavern where the shovel lies is located in the facility of the map, slightly in the Lowest of the snowy area. It is not far from the site of the Lavion crash, as well as allows you to familiarize on your own with the forest as well as its dangers. Simply to have the rope pistol to discover the cave, then the recycler of the diary to cross the underwater zone existing. At the end of the lengthy hallways, and also after having killed some opponents, the shovel can be discovered on a remains. As soon as in your property, it is possible to utilize to dig many openings on the island.


This enables provisions for survival as well as resources. However, the shovel is generally made use of to advance the background of Kids of the Woodland, with some items concealed under the ground. Better to utilize as often as feasible so as not to miss anything.


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